Oh So Now They Are the Good Guys?

Help Wanted: Articulate individuals needed to help me explain to my relatives in Chicago and anyone living out west (especially in Northern California) why the KKK in Georgia where I live want to adopt a stretch of highway and participate as a group in organized clean-up efforts. An alert 18 year old reader, Devon brought this news article to my attention and I am still having trouble wrapping my head around it. Actually, I really want to wrap THEIR hooded heads around a stop sign or utility pole and light them on fire at night in an effort to conserve on public utilities. Now that would be a public service. They are actually having to seriously consider this request due to the fact that these antiquated he-haws are following “proper channels” as well as their stated intentions to “not wear our robes during the public clean-up”.  I say let them wear the full monty, beer belly guts and all but insist that they: 1) walk together down the center of the busy roadway and 2) notify everyone exactly what time and place they will be there working to make America red, white, blue and green ….so that the rest of us can meet them in cars, steamrollers, snowplows and bowling balls. I know I’ll be bringing my “grabber”, the thing I got on QVC. This may not be as bad as Nazis marching in Skokie, but it’s still an insult to humanity and to all the litter these dimwits have previously dumped out of their gun rack toting pick up trucks with Confederate flags.

Sample quote:
“This is about membership building and rebranding their name in a public way,” Brooks said. “What’s next, are we going to let neo-Nazis or the Taliban or al-Qaida adopt highways?”


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2 Responses to Oh So Now They Are the Good Guys?

  1. Wendy says:

    As a true southerner (I was born in Grady Hospital and lived within 100 miles of Atlanta until I was 20 years old) I can tell you the only way to beat them is play their game. If the KKK wants to adopt a highway, they have to share it with the GLBT Rainbow Coalition and can only have a sign on the highway if they agree to share it with said coalition. Also, they all have to wear Obama tee shirts while performing their public service. If they truly are concerned about the state of the trash on the highway, then these should just be minor details. I can’t believe those idiots still admit in public they’re a cohesive group. That alone should clue everyone in to the fact that the collective IQ is 13, and they are barely able to feed themselves, let alone pick trash up off the highway.

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