CaptCliff on Roasting Rush Limbaugh

If I had Twitter, which I dont, I would probably twit this: Getting sick of the Rush Limbaugh vitriole. Cant we just dismember him, roast his fat ass and get it over with? I have dibs on a juicy thigh-drumstick.  


In actuality I feel conflicted about the whole thing. I really despise the man. He makes me sick and that was long before he waddled over the last boundary line and called someone a slut and a prostitute. Sure, that was despicable but no worse than anything I called my ex-wife during our costly (to me) divorce. She called me worse and in retrospect may have been at least partially right. The point is that many of us go over the line from time to time and we, as human beings with a conscience ought to feel bad about it. Limbaugh, on the other hand, seems pathetic in his non-apologies and his pitiful attempts to appease his sponsors and quiet the thousands of angry villagers with pitch forks pounding at his castle gates. Social media once again has proven its utility as an efficient vehicle for organizing lynch mobs, Occupy protesters and flash mobs ready to either dance in an airport lobby or steal donuts from a 7-11.


All that aside what bothers me the most? My inner response of near glee and self satisfaction at watching Rush sweat and squirm disturbs me as did my initial response to finding out that Andrew Breitbart had keeled over and died during his evening walk after kissing his kids goodnight. I honestly thought to myself, “Good riddance you pathetic reactionary bastard!” I even imagined myself doing some kind of immature happy dance around his grave while his family mourned! How is it that someone who describes himself as a liberal Jew with Buddhist leanings and an inexplicable thing for pirates can revert so easily into just another Lord of the Flies character with a sharpened stick when someone he hates is vanquished or in the case of Rush is given a taste of the nasty medicine he dishes out every day? He claims he is only utilizing “absurdity” to bring clarity to the masses who are hypnotized by the mainstream media. What’s my excuse? I dont have one really, except I suspect we all have a little “Rush” and “Andy” in us, just as deep inside Dick Cheney there is may be some Dalai Lama. It’s just buried kind of deep under layers of fat, nylon mesh and Neocon drivel. I suspect if they gutted the ex Vice President , like they do a shark after some poor surfer disappears off the Florida coast, they would find bits of shoe leather, license plates, a severed limb or two and a modicum of humanity. None of us are all bad, just as none of us are all good and that’s why there is only one Dalai Lama walking around smiling all the time. If there were two supreme enlightened beings they would probably get into a fistfight or vehemently disagree on one or two of the eight noble truths. I always wondered how calm and consistently grounded the Lama or even Jesus Christ would be if they were married and had a couple of small kids with ADHD and bronchitis. Even they might have said a few over the top things or like me might have lost their shit in divorce court and flipped out like Jack Nicolson in A Few Good Men, ie. “You cant handle the truth!!” I also regret saying under oath how much I hated all lawyers including my own……I guess I should just keep working on myself and leave the old, bloated, racist Republicans alone. I dont want them doing a post mortem on me someday and finding out I was missing a human heart.

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Psychologist by day, insomniac Pirate blogger by night, this Child of God likes to share sarcastic social commentary as well as topsy-turvy observations about life, love and the pursuit of zaniness, a functional form of insanity in an increasingly insane world
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