CaptCliff on Those Jerky Little Kids on the Bus

Have you watched the viral video of the poor (submissive) school monitor lady on the bus taking heaps of verbal abuse from jerky little preteen boys? How long could you have put up with that before you said to yourself, “This is no longer worth the crappy paycheck. I would rather strangle these kids and do the Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando “neck twist” thing on the kid with the camera rather than just sit here and take it. First I will systematically beat the crap out of all of them and then nicely and calmly resign”. Of course the sweet older lady, Karen Klein didn’t have much choice because in today’s society the corporal punishment of asinine, ill-tempered 8th graders comes with a lawsuit and a short jail sentence. Except in Texas and parts of South Carolina, where it is still legal to marry your own children and tie them to your dilapidated trailer. I’m sorry. I’m still a little worked up right now after watching the full 10 minute phone cam video of the delightful, well-mannered kids they raise in Greek, or Greece or Grease, New York. I take back what I said about Texas. They have capital punishment (the death sentence) in Texas and are willing to impose it on toddlers, particularly killer toddlers who lack remorse and cant afford a good criminal defense attorney…and are black or Hispanic.

Dont get me wrong, I am very glad the nice lady is now being warmly supported by email and via the internet they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for her to take a dream vacation and possibly early retirement. Hey, wait a minute. I would like hundreds of thousands of dollars and a dream vacation……and my kids were pretty shitty to me at that age…..and then again at around 17 too!!  I would be willing to invite 5 or 6 really obnoxious 12 or 13 year olds to verbally abuse me for 10 minutes. In fact, if the parents are interested they can pay me directly for having their brats yell and curse and foam at the mouth in my general direction. If they let me take a swing at them when its all over I’d even be willing to take 10% off the final tab. I would say that’s only fair. Argh!

About captaincliff

Psychologist by day, insomniac Pirate blogger by night, this Child of God likes to share sarcastic social commentary as well as topsy-turvy observations about life, love and the pursuit of zaniness, a functional form of insanity in an increasingly insane world
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2 Responses to CaptCliff on Those Jerky Little Kids on the Bus

  1. Tzippo. says:

    Cliffy, you should have seen. It is unfortunately all too common in our increasingly narcissistic society. I’d bet you dime over dollar that these parents will deny that their kid was involved because the camera wasn’t onthem and their pie holes.

    • captaincliff says:

      Fortunately, I think I read that cybersleuths identified at least 4 of the loudmouths on the bus and they are in the process of being “disciplined” (whatever that means). In Pirate times, we would just hack off the offending appendage or organ, as it were,
      and carry on. How do you remove a 13 year old boy’s voice box?

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