How it Went Down: An Educated Guess

For those few people who continue to wonder, obsess and theorize how James Holmes “became” the murderous Joker, and how the University system failed to notice a violent human storm brewing in their midst, I offer this last bit of speculation, even tho the supposed “facts” keep changing, ie. now they say the package he sent to his psychiatrist (with his diary and plans to kill) were received on Monday and did not sit unopened in a University mailroom, etc……..

I believe (my educated guess) that one of four practicing psychiatrists on the faculty of University of Colorado, Denver’s Medical Psychiatry program saw and/or evaluated James Holmes and was the recipient of the package containing his detailed plan to shoot people. Dr. Feinstein is the most senior psychiatrist in the group but most to all of them have expertise in both teaching and treating patients with psychotic mania, personality disorders and forms of bipolar illness. I believe that people in his Neuroscience program saw that he was under-performing academically and showing signs of difficulty concentrating, sleeping, etc. and that he “knew” after being referred to a clinical psychiatrist that his “days were numbered” in the Ph.D. program.  Failing the first year Prelim Oral exam was the last straw, and unlike his poorly organized oral presentation at age 18, he probably got direct and quite critical feedback from faculty as to his academic deficiencies. His mailing of the written plans and illustrations of his violent crime to the psychiatrist was a way of saying, “See you people dont know everything. By the time you get this it will be too late. Fuck you and your  5-7 year doctoral program”…..and yes, I think he has a psychotic mania and a schizoid/schizotypal personality disorder. He’s not the Joker. He’s a killer and a “sick in the head” criminal. He needs help and treatment, but his victims need help even more. James Holmes frustration and self-hatred (for failing academically) fueled a psychotic break that may have lasted for months and finally spilled out in an act of pure hatred and revenge upon a movie theater full of innocent people.

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