Sex News: Be Careful What You Wish For

Are (both) my blog readers bored yet with my “weird sex news” updates?  As a sexologist there is so much weirdness in this world but “so little time”, as they say. Forget Furry sex and  turn the page on the Dinosaur sex blog entry. That’s old news, especially in the case of the dinosaurs doing “it”, which is about 65 million years old. Imagine the giant comet/asteroid hitting the Earth while some T-rex couple are mating. Talk about “seeing stars”!  Anyway, you might think nobody could top these kind of orgasmic extinction events (OEEs) but apparently there are an endless supply of “WHhhhattt???” sex related stories on the nonsense/worthless knowledge ridden Internet. Case in point:  A British lady (see link below) who is sexually addicted to “objects” rather then people…. and her current sex obsession is the Statue of Liberty. Yes, Lady Liberty turns her on and gives her orgasms. She has filled her home with replicas purchased online and visits the real deal in New York whenever she is able. I’m sure she is a fun fellow tourist on the Statue tour up to the Observation deck and leaves many a sightseer repeating the old line, “I’ll have whatever she’s having” from When Harry Met Sally. To me, a Corned Beef or Reuben sandwich from Katz’s Deli (like in the movie) is a much more likely scenario for a climax, epicurean or otherwise, but what do I know?

Finally, and I believe this story deserves a certain amount of genuine sympathy as it could conceivably happen, physiologically speaking. To be honest, it’s difficult to imagine that the loony lady from Great Britain is suffering terribly from an actual disorder in need of specialized medical care and counseling. She (the Statue stalker)  falls into the “what ever turns you on” category, as long as one doesn’t impose the sharp end of their sexual obsession on other people and their delicate body parts, that is. In the second story (see doubly absurd link below) a nurse who lives in New Jersey (of course) fell down a flight of stairs 10 years ago and since that time has been “plagued” by PGAD, otherwise known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. She cant STOP having orgasms. Most of us havent suffered from anything similar to that since gym class right after reaching puberty. Unfortunately this poor lady not only cant stop having multiple orgasms but also experiences climax from simple physical movements like turning on the coffeemaker or pushing the button on the toaster in the morning. If I had this problem, in particular, I would probably be drinking gallons of coffee and eating several loaves of toast every morning. Of course one can also imagine the untoward side effects of such habit forming behaviors. Somewhat like eating disorders which are real afflictions not to make light of, PGAD is something that a casual observer might just wonder, “Hey, how can a acquire a slight case of that?” My professional answer is'”You cant, so dont bother”, and plus, most of us couldn’t afford the calories or the caffeine that comes with the sexual fireworks. Just like the dinosaurs we might want to leave well enough alone and be especially careful what we wish upon a star for. Enough said.

Extra Credit: The closest thing to PGAD in men put to music:


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2 Responses to Sex News: Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. wlclevy says:

    I always thought Lady Liberty looked a bit too butch for my taste. But hey, to each her own.

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