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CaptCliff on “Why I Hate Lawyers”

CaptCliff on “Why I Hate Lawyers”

Why I Hate Lawyers


Look, I know nobody is going to read this. It is way too unbelievable. But it is indicative of my perception of the world today…..and how very lost so many people are. The Kardashians are just the tip of the idiocy iceberg. Here is a story, now a few years old, taken from Law.com. The story is essentially about the legal  fallout from the  billion dollar Scott Rothstein ponzi scheme case in South Florida. The details dont matter…except of course to all the poor people who lost their life savings. The real point, if you scan the short article, is how convoluted and ridiculous the whole things has become as lawyers sue lawyers and attorneys hire other attorneys to defend them ad infinitum. If you squint your eyes a bit it would seem all of Ft Lauderdale is owned and run by law firms, with an occasional car dealership thrown in there for Sopranos like flavor. I was in Florida recently and the place was gorgeous. The homes near the ocean and on the bay are beautiful, with lovely landscaping and adorable boutiques and gourmet grocery stores. Who would know that there is a Gordon Gecko like Wall Street magnate or Tony Montana Scarface figure upstairs in their Flagler inpired stucco mansions busy snorting mounds of cocaine while bilking investors of their life savings and pension funds? I get it but I dont. Maybe I’m even a little jealous that I dont get to live large and have a cigarette racing boat moored off my private pier, not to mention the champagne brunches and a Rolls Royce valet parked at the Breakers in Palm Beach and oh yeah, a silver Bentley getting detailed at the Biltmore in Ft. Lauderdale. The places seem to literally ooze money. I felt somehow grateful that the coffee shop at the Breakers was willing to guest stamp my $20 valet fee on my economy rental car when I visited there for an hour. I got a hot tea and a tuna sandwich…for $20 and felt like I won the lottery. Of course they only let us “peer” over the fence to see the magnificent pool area. They were nice about it but insisted the pool and spa were “reserved” for hotel clients and “special guests”…probably mostly friends of Scott Rothstein and his attorneys……with a few Chinese and Japanese tourists thrown in for flavor. Get my drift mateys ?

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