The Philadelphia Connection and Jerry Sandusky: A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Sometime in the future they will probably uncover and reveal a connection between Jerry Sandusky, The Second Mile Foundation that he helped establish, and a formal/informal ring of wealthy pedophiles or so called Penn State Football”boosters/supporters”.

I’m not saying that the Second Mile was nothing but a bogus sham, but that Sandusky used it purposely to find and groom young, vulnerable victims.  He may have also had knowledge and contact with a select number of other adults with similar proclivities. People want to know exactly what Penn State and Joe Paterno wanted so badly to “cover-up” by remaining so passive for so long, and for allowing Sandusky so much freedom from earlier prosecution and/or a more in depth criminal investigation.

This (below) is one of the possible people/connections they didn’t want revealed or investigated because its as BAD or WORSE than Sandusky himself. It is so weird and disgusting in its specific details that Penn State Athletics, especially given it’s squeaky clean reputation, may have just hoped it would all go away when this guy died of AIDS in 1993 and when the Tickle Monster officially retired. Personally I dont believe that Joe Paterno understood the magnitude of the problem and that his particular background (personality, age, ethnicity, and religion) precluded him from grasping what was really going on in those showers between Sandusky and those young boys. I dont think he (Paterno) believed grown men or former athletes could ever do something like that.

This is a case of psychological DENIAL and rationalization at the highest institutional levels. People dont see what they dont WANT to see and others, like the janitors, say nothing for fear of losing their jobs and their livelihoods. Penn State was worried about its sterling reputation…..and all the money that goes with it. The connection between Edward Savitz and a recent report of an eye witness on a private airplane with Sandusky and a “wealthy Penn State booster/businessman” both committing acts of child sex abuse is unknown at present.  Bottomline: It’s not just Dottie Sandusky who needs to open her eyes and recognize how there is often a dark side to life, to the historical narratives, and to people in general. We can do that without becoming completely paranoid and/or pessimistic, just more realistic.

Cliff Mazer. Ph.D.


Ed Savitz
Born    Edward Isadore Savitz
February 22, 1942
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Died    March 27, 1993 (aged 51)
Occupation    Actuary, Accountant
Edward Isadore Savitz (also known as Uncle Eddie, Fast Eddie and Dr. Feel Good) (February 22, 1942 – March 27, 1993) was an American businessman who was arrested for paying thousands of young men for either engaging in anal and oral sex or for giving him dirty underwear and feces, which he kept in pizza boxes in his Philadelphia apartment.


Early life

Ed Savitz was one of four sons by Jewish Russian immigrants Paul and Ann Gechman Savitz. The Savitzes ran an amusement arcade in downtown Philadelphia. Ed ranked first in his class of 278 students, and voted most likely to succeed. He won a full scholarship to study economics at the University of Pennsylvania, but dropped out after two years. In 1967, also after two years’ study, he quit Temple University’s graduate school of music. In 1963, he married his high school girlfriend Judith Widman, who later became a lawyer, specializing in family law. They were divorced 10 years later. In 1981, his brother, Joseph, a lawyer who once served as a Deputy Pennsylvania Attorney General, used barbiturates to commit suicide. In 1968, his brother Samuel founded The Savitz Organization, an actuarial consulting firm specializing in retirement plans and other employee benefit programs. Ed later became the vice president.

[edit] Sexual Abuse

Ed Savitz had an apartment on Rittenhouse Square and for years was known by the male youth of the area through word of mouth as a quick source of cash. From as far back as 1975, he offered teenage boys money, concert tickets and football tickets for their soiled underwear, and various sexual acts including: oral and anal sex, slamming his penis in a door, penis sword fights, urinating on him, vomiting in his mouth and defecating in his mouth through a potty chair. reportedly kept the feces in pizza boxes in his apartment. He told the boys to eat cheese to make the feces taste better.

Savitz mostly targeted boys from the Grays Ferry neighborhood and even had a St. John Neumann High School yearbook, which he used like a catalogue, circling the pictures of boys he wanted to see and promising referral fees for bringing them to him.


Savitz was first arrested in 1978 on an indecent assault charge. His record was expunged after completed a rehabilitation program. In 1990, he was found not guilty on charges relating to the purchase of a minor’s soiled underwear.

The neighbors in his high-rise apartment building complained of young boys entering and leaving his apartment at all hours of the day and night. One neighbor described the boys she saw as mostly “heavy metal types,” who wore black leather clothes and chains and had long hair. Savitz told neighbors that he was a social worker, helping the boys.

Savitz’s third arrest followed a six-month investigation by the city’s sex-crime unit. By early March 1992, investigators had gathered enough evidence to install a wiretap and hidden video camera in his home. On March 25, detectives watched as Savitz offered to pay two 15-year-old boys for oral sex. Police burst into the apartment and took him into custody. Savitz was charged with crimes of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual abuse of children, indecent assault and corrupting the morals of a minor.

Police found 5,000 photographs of boys and 312 bags of soiled boy’s underwear at Savitz’s apartment and a rented storage center nearby. His arrest also caused an AIDS scare in the Philadelphia area due to the large number of individuals that he had sexual contact with. AIDS hotlines were flooded with calls after his photo was released.

Bail was set for three million dollars, and Savitz was released. He was arrested again the next day when bail was raised to twenty million dollars after complaints involving two teenagers were verified.

Although Savitz tested HIV-positive about a year before his arrest, he continued to have unprotected sex with boys until his arrest.

The trial was set to begin April 5, 1993, but Savitz died of AIDS in a prison hospice a week before on March 27.

[edit] Alleged Connection to Jerry Sandusky

After the Penn State sex abuse scandal, an article in the New York Daily News (cited below) featured allegations by one of Savitz’s alleged molestation victims that in 1979 Savitz brought the boy to a fundraiser near Harrisburg for the Second Mile Foundation, which had recently been established by Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Savitz’s former attorney claims he is “unaware” of any communication Savitz ever had with Sandusky.[1]

[edit] References


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