Solving Crimes Using Psychology and a Computer

Was the Boston Marathon “terrorist” also responsible for an unsolved triple murder in Waltham, Mass back in 2011?  Absolutely.

Use your laptop and a little psychology to connect the dots.

This is a no brainer. Look up the You Tube memorial to Brendan Mess, one of the murder victims. Look up his arrest record, look up the Waltham Patch article about the murders on 9/11/11 (duh), and connect the dots. Notice how a neighbor who also happens to have been a teacher at the private school one of the other victims (Weissman) and the Tsarnaev brothers attended is quoted in both articles back in 2011 and now after the Boston bombing. Of course he thought they were all “nice boys” because on the outside they appeared to be. The younger brother is a pothead. The older brother who was supposedly “deeply devoted” to his younger brother trained in martial arts and was close friends with Brendan Mess and knew the other two men who at the end of one 2011 article (below) suggested were local dope dealers.

My theory: The older brother got progressively radicalized and offed the three American “friends” both as a personal tribute to 9/11 as well as to send a message about their Westernized, secular, “depraved” dope dealing lifestyle to others (and possibly to his brother). The police’s previous conclusions that the murders were a “dope deal gone wrong” is completely wrong because drug dealers dont kill people and then leave all the money as well as the bodies covered in weed. That was a message. The psychology of a kind of practice terrorist act, a self-perceived “honor killing”, Jihadist violence (slitting throats and near beheading victims) , revenge, and a twisted sense of personal destiny to make up for a failed American dream (his uncle called him a loser) are together a pretty persuasive argument.

From the Waltham Patch : Police ID 3 victims in Waltham killings
Search continues for assailants

By Peter Schworm
Globe Staff / September 15, 2011

Authorities yesterday identified the victims of a triple slaying in
Waltham earlier this week, but provided no details on the search for
their assailants.

The men killed were Brendan Mess, 25, of Waltham; Erik Weissman, 31, of
Cambridge; and Raphael Teken, 37, of Cambridge, according to the
Middlesex district attorney’s office, which is investigating the deaths.

The men were killed at Mess’s apartment Monday afternoon. The other two
men did not live there. Authorities say the slayings were targeted, and
they are seeking one or more suspects. They are awaiting autopsy

A woman whom neighbors identified as Mess’s girlfriend found the three
victims covered in blood around 2:30 p.m.

Residents of the quiet side street say that police have told them the
men had been stabbed and that the killings were drug-related.

Larry Aaronson, who taught Weissman at Cambridge Rindge & Latin School,
recalled him as a bright, well-liked student with an “enormous heart.’’

“He had such potential and was such a good soul,’’ he said. “He was
just a good friend to a lot of people. He was friends with all kinds of
kids, regardless of background. And that was what was important to him,
that network of friends.’’

In 2008, Weissman was charged with marijuana possession and intent to
distribute, according to a report. Police pulled Weissman over for
failing to yield and smelled marijuana smoke in the vehicle. When asked
about it, Weissman said, “I knew you would smell it,’’ and handed the
officer a brown paper bag filled with bags of marijuana, police said.

He also told police he had been previously arrested on charges of
marijuana possession and said he was carrying marijuana to share with
his friends.

Weissman’s family declined comment at their Cambridge home Tuesday

Beth Ladew, who went to high school with Weissman, said he had a great
appreciation for the arts and was an avid sports fan, especially
basketball. He was “extremely genuine,’’ she said, and had a
“contagious smile and easy laughter.’’

“I know he loved his family,’’ she said. “When he spoke of his younger
sister his face would light up.’’

Ladew said they had stayed in touch since high school, and she was
devastated by his death.

“I don’t know why this horrific crime happened, but it ended three
young lives too soon,’’ she said.

After Mess’s girlfriend discovered the bodies, she ran from the house

Neighbors described Mess and his two roommates as quiet, nice people
who were a welcome change of pace from previous residents who often had
loud parties late into the evening.

Mess, who was active in martial arts, received a bachelor’s degree in
professional writing from Champlain College in 2008.

In 2010, Mess and another man were arrested on charges that they
assaulted several people at a store, according to a Cambridge police

Teken lived in Waltham, and two neighbors who asked to remain anonymous
said they believed he was a drug dealer, saying he rarely left the
house and had a steady stream of visitors.

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