My 2020 Presidential Election Confession

Forgive me Father WordPress for I have not been to confession for a very long time….

Morning thought: I dont want to be right about this but my bad vibe based on a combination of things over time (and even more so lately) is that even tho its not what the pre voting polls suggest ( which show Biden at least slightly ahead in most states) I’m thinking/fearing Trump will pull off this presidential election much like he did in 2016. There are just too many disparate groups of belligerent anti Biden voters comprised of a heterogeneous hodge podge of apocalyptic doomsday cults, golden shower Sex and Satan worshippers, celebrity jocks, crazed football fans in body paint and loincloths and floridly psychotic pick-up truck driving good old boys with meth mush for brains but legal concealed carry permits and voting privileges. This partial list of handpicked Trump supporters alone have inconceivably come together to re-elect Donald Trump and are willing to say so on and off the record and without even getting pranked by Borat. I even know a few well educated nice people, fellow suburbanites with respectable lawns and fully paid up HOA dues who can express one or two reasonably intelligent thoughts who freely admit that the Donald is likely impotent as well as a horses ass but are still voting for him. Watching, reading, and thinking like a psychologist (or more specifically an FBI profiler of psychopaths, serial killers and predatory rapists) and then quite recently, having creepy dreams about dead crows and a red tsunami makes me fear (if not yet fully accept) that there might just be too many law and order lunatics, complete and total idiots, robotic Republicans who somehow lost their soul and private parts over the last four years, Covid crazy Cartman-in-the-basement Q-anon conspiracy theory dumbasses, White House wannabes, anti-antifa anti-socialist/socialism closet fascists, racist peri-menopausal Karens, tunnel-visioned evangelicals, extreme right wing Jews, Old school American isolationists, American flag waving red hat wearing nationalistic nutbags, Confederate flag waving automatic weapon bearing anti liberal everythings (ALE), Neo-nazi White Power militant bozos, clueless and “proud of it” Covid and Climate Change deniers, wealthy stock market dependent corporate junkies, golf-playing high income execs, finance and investment bank opportunists, and finally strangely confused and misinformed former immigrants (especially Hispanic Americans), etc. ———————————————————————————————Donald Trump may well be a dirty dog malignant narcissist but he’s also kind of a genius at rallying together and then herding his flock like a morbidly obese border collie on steroids…which having tested positive for Covid he might well be taking (translation: hooked on) and has administered before each longwinded mask-free rally by his preferred medical team the demon witch doctor lady and Dr. Morell, er I mean Dr. Atlas the chiropractic radiologist without portfolio or resume. Trump seems outwardly foolish but excels at collecting divergent fools and vulnerable sycophants and then getting each and every one of them to believe that his main opponent (Biden, Harris, etc.) are the EXACT thing they most hate or fear…..just like he did to Crooked Hillary. He’s also a prototypical bully. By all accounts George Bush should have had the balls to come out publicly against Trump by now but he wont (part Bush family values like decency and decorum and part fear/intimidation if Trump should win). Obama on the other hand was free to hit 3-pointers all day long but may have also remained on the bench a bit too long and too late into the 4th quarter even if Biden held a consistent and substantial lead in the polls. Hillary much? Hitler much? Joseph McCarthy much? ——————————————————————————————-Personally I think Biden kept silent (or was kept silent, bound and gagged in his own basement) for too long which was a reasonable early strategy given his tendency to fuck up and say stupid shit as well as the prevailing belief that Trumps forked tongue , foul mouth, bad hair and covid complicity would do enough damage to the general publics confidence in him by November (if not among his Waffen SS thoroughly propagandized fans then at least to undecided and independent voters). However, by not having enough time to demonstrate himself as a competent but not incontinent dementia-free person/personality and well-informed politician-leader (and not just Obama’s older white guy VP sidekick) he gave the big mouth/foul mouth Trump unlimited time to demonize both him and his wayward son Hunter and then throw their cursed and mutilated body parts like so much red meat to all the hate and fear groups and carnivorous individuals listed above. I think nearly everyone would agree including most of Trump’s White House aides, cabinet members, military generals and West Wing staff that President Trump is a truly a “win at all costs” hypercompetitive combatant and no doubt soulless snake oil salesman. He’s like the Wizard of Oz crossed with a ravenous and rabid honey badger. Not only does he have small hands, sharp claws and “just not care” (no f#%ks given) but he will tell you anything you want to hear while simultaneously sizing you up for his Ed Gein/Buffalo Bill skull and skin trophy room at the White House. Ok, that’s it. I just had to get this out and pray that I’m wrong because if im right… it will be ugly and the Covid19 virus will still not “just like a miracle go away” …..even if the liar-in-chief said we are rounding some invisible totally made up corner much like his corner-less invisible border wall that he just told his frostbitten virus-laden followers is “almost finished” (sound of wild cheering and dry coughs). Sorry for the depressing essay but i needed to tell someone….and confess fully for not keeping this mirth and irony infused blog going. Just like Jeff Goldblum in the original Jurassic Park movie I “hate it when I’m right” about such monumental moments and chaos theory inspired quantum entangled historical predictions. This time a really really hope I’m dead wrong.

PS. On November 16, 2016 I wrote a CaptCliff blog entitled “How Trump Beat Clinton in Game of Thrones Politics. It also implicitly and imperfectly compared some of Donald Trump‘s personality traits to Julius Caesar and suggested how some of these alpha male power and success-oriented characteristics might explain his annoying ability to avoid prison and win hotly contested presidential elections completely devoid of frontal lobe executive function and genuine empathy.

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