Cliff Mazer….The Man, The Mystique, The Constipated and the Mentally Challenged

Ok, I’ve got the working title but not yet the full description of my self-promotion campaign and global marketing blitz. What does Facebook mean by the sub-title “Notes About Me”???  Is this like a eulogy in advance? The beauty of this section of Facebook is its total anonymity, since the chance of someone reading this part of the page or stumbling across this entry while surfing the Internet is equivalent to being struck by lightning while urinating on a toaster. Dont ask me how I came up with that analogy….I just did. Also keep in mind that the average attention span of people under 30 years old is  one nanosecond. People between 30 and 50 years old are usually busy working, burping babies, coaching Little League or feverishly trying to balance their dwindling bank accounts. Ironically most of us over 50 years old are trying to remember what we were just talking about, why we walked into a certain room, or awkwardly pretending to recognize their neighbors first names when they wave at us in the car or while walking the dog. I have a sneaking suspicion we ALL have progressive Alzheimers including the doctors we go to see about our declining cognitive functioning.

Let’s face it. We’re all on some Ronald Reaganesque Disney-ride to Dementiaville… with a quick bathroom break in Tomorrowland. Maybe that’s not so bad. There are plenty things I would rather forget, including most of the 80s, the cell phone crotch shot of Anthony Weiner and especially that Disney song the robotic tropical birds sing “In the Tiki Room”. I’ve had that stuck in my head since 1972. Translation: NEVER take LSD and go to Disneyland thinking it might improve ones “total experience”…..yeah right.

I Dare You to Listen:

About captaincliff

Psychologist by day, insomniac Pirate blogger by night, this Child of God likes to share sarcastic social commentary as well as topsy-turvy observations about life, love and the pursuit of zaniness, a functional form of insanity in an increasingly insane world
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4 Responses to Cliff Mazer….The Man, The Mystique, The Constipated and the Mentally Challenged

  1. Patty Catanzarite says:

    Cliff, I found your blog because I was looking for anything about Rona. Sometimes I still feel such a WTF feeling that she died. You are funny, and you loved Rona. Two good things.. I am a friend from Philly, Pat Stackhouse ( back then). We worked together as young social workers at Hahnemann Hospital. Rona was such a true friend to me and I still think of her often. I still have your holiday card from when you lived in San Fran and your son was a baby. Just saying hello and letting you know that reading some of your blog and a little bit about Rona today was very nice.

    • captaincliff says:

      Patty, Its great to hear from you. You are not alone with your “wtf” feeling about Rona. I know you would be interested in a few contacts I know including a website by a woman (Pat Burgess) who was with Rona throughout her illness (lung cancer). She was so inspired by Rona that she started a business that educates and develops hospice programs and talks about Rona alot on her webpage. I will send it to your email if you want. Coincidentally, our eldest son, Ari is in Phily as we speak visiting Rona’s mom Shirley. Amazingly, he is 29 years old now…and finishing a graduate program (MSW) in Social Work at the University of Georgia. Keep in touch. Rona was not a perfect person (none of us are) but her unique personality, sense of humor, and colorful style inspired incredible loyalty in her friends, all of whom miss her greatly.

      • Patty Catanzarite says:

        Cliff, for some reason I turned to your site today and saw that you had responded to my note to you, almost a year ago now. I hope that you are still monitoring here. My email is, and I would love for you to forward me info on Pat Burgess so I could read more about Rona.

  2. captaincliff says:

    Ok, I sent you her website. If it doesnt work let me know. 🙂 Cliff

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