CaptCliff on Bestiality: Hello Sodom, Hello Gomorrah

CaptCliff on Bestiality: Hello Sodom, Hello Gomorrah

Once again there appears to be a rash of bestiality in the news. We need to remain calm, thoughtful and optimistic in the face of such, well, inhumane acts. In the case of the Georgia man here in Atlanta caught doing it with the neighbors dogs, let’s give him credit for having the courage (insanity) to approach female pit bulls from behind and on his knees apparently. Sure, no points from Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer but this guy is still considered a certain “kind” of animal lover. However, his dog-sitting business and social approval ratings may well suffer. What does he post for his status update on Facebook? How about: “Horrible day. Got caught doing it doggy style with dogs” (link to You Tube). We award him points only for being a small step above Michael Vick. In the case of the guy with the pig….I’m still a little lost for words. Ok, he can really “bring home” the bacon but c’mon…………and if that isnt trafe (non-kosher and literally defined as “torn”) behavior, I dont know what is. Of course his name is Jimmy Jeter.  Amazing he didnt get struck down by the “I cant believe you are doing that” lightning bolt right then and there…. If this affects my appetite tomorrow morning when I normally cook up my Texas Toast, bacon and eggs breakfast for the family I’m gonna be pissed!  Can I hear a big EWWW??!|main5|dl1|sec3_lnk2%26pLid%3D142440

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