God Reinstates Terrifying Warning and Biblical Scourge…in Australia

In what seems like a rather unusual act of vengeance and unnecessary hot-dogging by Yahweh, aka the Divine One, the Lord Our God, etc., a dramatic display of hellfire and brimstone was recently reported in Australia. Terrified citizens and Aboriginal tribe members managed to videotape a “fire tornado” (see web story below) in between babbling incoherently, repenting for their earthly sins and running for their lives. Those who were stupid enough to look back at the horrible sight were turned into a pillar of Kosher salt, which is at least good for cooking and certainly useful in divinely inspired ice-storms. The nearly impossible to imagine meteorological event, also called a “fire devil” touched down in the Australian Outback and lasted at least 30 minutes before disappearing into a large cloud, followed by a golden chariot adorned with Cherubim (Holy Angels).

Despite the presence of multiple high quality video images and digital cell phone photos depicting God’s wrath and displeasure with the way modern humans are conducting their lives, the Australian military and various government officials are calling the occurrence a “normal variation of Australia’s unpredictable weather” and do not endorse the event as an unmistakable sign of eternal damnation for mankind.


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